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I’m an official Facebook spammer

In the fandom sense… I’ve been doctor who, Star Wars, star trek, lord of the rings, Harry potter, Disney fan for a long time. The above list suggests my taste in branching out movies and TV programs but sometimes I don’t want a show because a) I don’t get that channel b) I don’t feel like I could keep up with it or 3) I just don’t like fads.

Well I’m house sitting for 2 weeks and I have access to their Netflix. So guess what I’ve been watching

Switched at birth, awake, Sherlock, an once upon a time

I feel complete

Sleep well Luke :)

I promise he’s not having a seizure…

Realization today… I’m on a lot of meds for a 22 year old. I know others out there are like 10 year old with cancer taking home chemo. But I’m not. I’m “healthy”. But count this. It’s a lot. And when I forget, or when I run out, it actually does become a big deal. Left is vitamins (half are dr prescribed, half are for wellness) right are medications. Drugs. (2 in morning, the rest at night) it makes me a little sad and frustrated that my life, my comfort, and my health depends on these. That my body can’t do it on its own.

And my pharmacist looked at me today and said, “you know, looking at you, I would never guess all the things you’re taking. You look SO healthy.” Either that means the meds are working, or that’s a really big compliment.

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